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1.  Make time for romance with US first 

You’re a couple, right?  If the spouse part of you two is not rock-solidly feeling like that part of your lives is getting enough private time, then you’re not doing your family or relationship enough good.  Children need to have (and when possible, understand) that as important as they are to their parents, their parents need time by themselves, and not merely confined to spending all their personal time together as a family unit.

2.  Together going forward (and out) 

Slip your note into anything you know your mate will see early in the day.  It’s all part of the courting (and foreplay) process, because it gives you both all day to look forward to being together, or at least making solid plans.  When they know you’re thinking about them, they’ll find time for you.

3.  Getaway 

When you’ve been trapped in the same routine for a few days, it’s time to do something exciting and romantic.  Get childcare and hit the highway with no particular place to go, and music playing aloud.  Or, you can watch a classic romantic comedy together works because of the witty relationship banter. If you can arrange an overnight rendezvous, visit a cozy bed and breakfast.

4.  Hideaway 

Say goodnight to the kids, clear the dinner table, light scented candles, play soft music, and bring out the decadent desserts you picked up on the way home. Be curious about your spouse. Ask them questions, then ask questions about their answers. Listen. Listen. Listen. Talk about anything, except the kids. Keep your conversation light and flirty.  Take time for silly small talk with a side of charm; which is how it used to be.

5.  Touch time 

Engage in flirty, non-sexual touch through out the day. Start with a good morning kiss and cuddle. help your mate dry themselves off from their shower/bath. Flirt with your eyes. Fondle their backside. Brush the hair off their face. Hold their hand. Give a meaningful hug and kiss when you greet each other. Send touching voice mails, emails or text messages to let them know you’re thinking of them and looking forward to being with them later.  Mark a date on the calendar for some “Touch Time!”  On the chosen day, send a provocative email or text, or give a handwritten note confirming your date night. Include something romantic about how much you’re looking forward to being with just them!

6.  On the fly 

What busy couples need most is the thing they lack most: free time. This means you’ve got to seize the time when it becomes available.  The “fly date” can be a quick kiss, hug, and “I love you” at some mid-day location.  Bring each other a special snack or lunch.  Varying locations increases the fun and shows you are willing to make your relationship interesting and memorable.  Schedule “fly dates” at least once a week.

7.  Keep dating 

It’s tougher to get alone time, but it still can be done. Don’t let date night go by the wayside. If you can’t afford or don’t desire a stranger to watch baby, try something new. Get together during baby’s afternoon nap. Put the kids to bed early and have a few hours in the late evening. Entrust baby sitting to one of your moms or swap sitting with another new mother. If you have a child in his or her teens who you trust very much, that might be a baby-watching solution.

8.  Help more with Chores

Give the gift of time and enjoy the benefits! By helping your spouse more without them asking or nagging, you take the load off them and open the door for more intimacy and sex.

9.  Play nice

Don’t take your mate for granted. Shower them with appreciation and compliments. Affirm how grateful you are to have them in your life. When you show your mate more love and affection, they will feel more loving. Pick your battles wisely and know when to not sweat the small stuff. Do not forget the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it!”

10.  Real intimacy 

Love making is always important. Don’t let it slide. You may have to be more creative about time and place, but it’s vital that you approach it with eagerness and a sense of fun.  Have spontaneous sex anywhere in the house while the kids are preoccupied or asleep. Be open for sex in unusual places outside of your home. Take a vacation day off and date4 each other while the kids are in daycare or school. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Make sure you keep each other pumped up and willing. Do some flirting and teasing when you can.


  • Handwritten love notes or inexpensive cards are fine because it’s the message that matters.  Any romantic items (candles, incense, music, toys, edibles or mood-changing ingredients). Babysitter.


  • Real commitment to keep your relationship fresh, reinvigorated and thriving. Schedule time for romance.

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