Jim Hallowes, B.S.

Better communication with sensitive spouse

The way you learn to communicate more effectively is to understand in a relationship whether you are the respected one or the cherished one and you respect when the person when they are even illogical, irrational or irritating, that is the cherishing one and if you respect them even if they are ineffective, inefficient and uneconomical and the idea of picking whether you want to be respected first and cherished second or cherished first and respected second.

The problem comes is when you want cherished and respecting at the same time. Let us say, that buts heads and that can lead to problems and particularly with the highly sensitive person it can escalate into arguments and that would brings me to an interesting point about extreme languishing. It seems like highly sensitive people in many cases they were shy and they did not speak up, they did not want to be intrusive. They are non confrontational so they never felt they were really being heard. So, in often times, they used larger language, in other words they would not say I do not like you. They’d say I hate you and in an argument particularly with the non-highly sensitive person, that kind of languaging can escalate to an argument very fast.

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