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You've discovered the world's leading relationship resource for couples.

We make this vow to you: Your happiness is our business
    You'll soon see for yourself:
  • Immediate ideas and choices for any relationship issue or opportunity
  • Immediate romantic how-to's
  • The powerful tools to keep you 'out of the doghouse'
  • (Did we mention that all of this is especially geared to guys -- and, of course the ladies who love, tolerate and like them.)

Both our parents' marriages lasted 40+ years -- until they died. We saw them go through the best and worst of times. What kept smiles on their faces was their dedication to bringing out the best in each other; not just saying "I love you", but actually treating each other like they were still dating each other. That was their secret.

  Yet, many marriages today have online magazine subscriptions that last longer...

  We've all been led to believe that the biggest challenge to romance is finding the right partner. Even though it's easier than ever for couples to meet and marry, it's harder than ever for those same couples to stay together - happily.

  It's harder to avoid letting our relationships slip into romantic auto-pilot - where we assume that our love will last -- even when the lust and like have silently slipped away....

    We developed Twoology because we've had remarkable success helping people:
  • Introduced 100,000+ couples who met, dated and married through our creations, Great Expectations (video dating) and Love Connection (TV's popular dating show).

    After 20+ years helping singles find the love of their life, we spent the next 10 years researching the secrets to how couples stay together - happily:
  • Twoology is the result of our scientific research and testing.
  • And, Relationship FitnessTM is our health, happiness and common sense approach to help any couple fulfill their greatest expectations.

  Here's what you can expect:
  • Fix a problem or find a wellness regimen
  • Powerful romantic relationship search engine
  • 1000's relationship expert videos - answer 89% of relationship queries on Google
  • Twoology Tools - Makes all the difference. Simple to use.
  • Makes Us Happier - Know those 'little things' that matter to your mate
  • Reminders - We'll send you a reminder so you forget nothing important
  • My Vault - Quick access to your most important relationship solutions

  Happiness is serious business. Keep your most important relationship intimate, frisky, communicative, strong and growing. We're here to help exceed your greatest expectations!


Cindy & Jeff Ullman

August 1 ,2013

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