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A –  adorable, alluring, angel awesome, attractive, a daily joy, alluring, amazing, a dream come true

  • You are my adorable, awesome, super-attractive, amazing dream come true.

B –  babe, baby, beautiful, bedazzled, beloved, bewitching, buddy, beauty, blessing, bewitching, breathtaking

  • Beautiful is not bewitching enough because you take my breath away. All the world’s most romantic words to use to describe you are simply not enough, babe.

C –  charming, cute, classy, cookie, cowboy, cowgirl, cuddly, clever, cutie pie, captivating, complete me 

  • You complete me in so many ways because you are cute, classy and captivate me every day

D –  dear heart, dear one, dazzling, delightful, delectable, delicious, divine, doll, desire, devotion, dearest

  • You dazzle me with your delicious attitude that all I want to do is eat you up! I am devoted to you and desire you

E –   elegant, enchanting, endearing, exciting, extraordinary, exceptional, everything (you’re my everything) 

  • You excite me! You are absolutely extraordinary! You enchant me by your magical ways of endearing me to you!

F –   fabulous, fascinating, feminine, friend, foxy, forgiving, fun, funny, (my) fantasy 

  • Fabulous! What else can I say about your foxy, funny, fascinating and super-feminine person? You are my fantasy come true! Even my most romantic words fail to express how you fulfill my fantasies.

G –  gorgeous, grand, great, generous, gifted, giving, graceful, grounded, genuine

  • You have spoiled me for anyone else because you are so great — so gorgeous — so giving and genuine!

H –   handsome, heavenly, hot, hunk(y), hot stuff, heart’s desire, hunk, helpful, huggable

  • Handsome? Not enough! You’re my hot, heavenly, huggable husband!

I –    incomparable, immortal, intimate, irreplaceable, inspirational, intoxicating, inspiring

  • You are irreplaceable to me. You inspire me with your intimate, intoxicating, incomparable ways! Wow!!!!!

J –   jazzy, jellybean, joyful

  • You are the joy in my life. You turn me to jelly when you touch me and I am jazzed how I feel for hours….

K –  kissable, kindred (spirits), kinky

  • Kiss you? I’ll kiss you all over your body by the end of today….so, prepare yourself you kinky, kind partner.

L –  (my) life, (my) light, love bug, lover, luscious, lust for, long for, love of my life, lovable, loving, luscious

  • You are the love, light and lover in my life!  As long as I live I will long and lust for you, my love.

M – manly, magnetic, magnificent, marvelous, mellow, mesmerizing, moving, my everything, 

  • Magnificent! Marvelous! You move and mesmerize me by your marvelous and magnetic self.

N –  nasty (in a good way!), nice, naughty, nurturing

  • Can I be a little nasty with you? (But only in the nicest and most nurturing way). you are

O –  (the) one, (my) only, outrageous, one of a kind, open-minded

  • You are my one and only partner whom I so deeply and outrageously love completely!

P –  passion(ate), partner, perfect precious, pretty, (my) pride and joy, (my) playmate, playful, provocative

  • The most romantic words I can say to you are: You are my passionate, pretty (and gorgeous) playmate. My pride, joy and precious partner.

Q –  queen, quicken, quick-witted, quake, question, queenly

  • Quick!  Tell me if I’m wrong that you are my beautiful queen. Without question, you quicken my heart!

R –  radiant, ravishing, red-hot, remarkable, revel, revere, romantic, rose

  • My romantic words to use about you are not enough: I revel at your remarkable, ravishing beauty! You are my remarkable red-hot lover.

S –  sassy, seductive, sensual, sexual, smart, sexy, scrumptious, sinful, spicy, sweet, sunshine, sugar, sweetheart

  • Sugar, you are the sweet sunshine of my life. Sweetheart, you are the sassiest, sexiest spice in my life.

T –  tantalizing, tasty, tease, tender, titillate, tempt, treasure, true love, talented, thoughtful, the keeper of my heart

  • Tease me with your tender true love. Then, let me taste you in all the ways we can imagine…..

U –  unforgettable, unique, unselfish, upbeat, understanding

  • You are my most unique relationship. Nothing is more important than you. Thank you for your unique understanding of my quirks. 

V –  vibrant, vixen, value, virtuous, vulnerable

  • Hey vixen! How can you be so vibrant? So full of life, and still be so virtuous and vulnerable? 

W – warm, wild, winsome, wonderful, woman, worship, warm-hearted, well-mannered, wise, witty, wonderful

  • Woman, I worship you because you are so wonderfully, witty, warm and wild. So, how about if we pray together tonight, and I worship at your throne? 

X –  x-rated!

  • I love how you make me feel like you are my personal x-rated lover!

Y –  you, yummy

  • You are the yummiest person in my life!

Z –  zestful, zippy

  • My life is so full of zest because of you


  • Thesaurus, dictionary, desire to be romantic and flirty; pads for shorter love notes; parchment paper and envelopes for your handwritten love letters


  • The right words spoken at the right times will make, break or change your relationship. Whether your ‘Inner Shakespeare’ or ‘Inner 50 Shades of Gray’ writer comes out easily or needs to be helped by this handy-dandy Twoology Romantipedia Guide, your romantic (and sexual) happiness will be dramatically affected by what you put into use sooner, than later. Use this Guide frequently!The three most romantic and powerful words are still “I love you.” And then there are the standard but nonetheless moving endearments: sweetheart, honey, darling, dear. But what about those offbeat words that somehow, in some ineffable way, capture the heart and take one’s breath away? Hint: they aren’t always obvious. Remember that almost ANY word that’s part of your unique love language with your partner will be special to both of you. When you use Twoology’s List of The (A-Z) Most Romantic Words, you can use them as really meaningful endearments. And, when you speak or write them to your mate… ‘em melt.
  • Practice using new and fresh language and words of endearment


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