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Visual people learn, interpret and remember the world through their eyes. How you look to them when you communicate makes more difference to them than you might recognize. By appealing to their eyes, you can open up doors of communication, which may have been closed for too long. In this Romantipedia Guide, you’ll learn 8 ways to use your eyes to help increase intimacy in your relationships.


1.  Eye gazing

When you talk with them, keep eye contact and hold it. Since it might feel awkward, smile. You are getting their attention and desiring to hold it, because you want to convey something more deeply and emotionally than usual. During lovemaking, keep your eyes open to increase the connection and excitement.

2.  How do they look

Visual people want to know how they look, so take notice and express your recognition and admiration for how good they look. They want to be seen as sexy, beautiful and attractive by you. Tell them, “Your outfit looks great”; “Your hair looks really good that way”; “Your ass looks really good in those jeans. I can’t wait to…….”; “You look buff in that shirt”, “Don’t look at me like that. It really turns me on!”or just, “Wow!”

3.  Compliments

Comment about the ‘little things’ that will make them feel good. Sometimes it’s the little things that make us nuts. They can also make us smile. Say thanks for things they’re doing to please you.  cleaning her hair out of the shower drain, putting the toilet seat down, putting snack dishes in the dishwasher, filling your tank with gas, etc. Tell them what you love about them – just them. Point out their unique qualities, like being thoughtful, gentle, funny, steadfast, reliable, and trustworthy. This reminds them.  and you – about why you chose this one-and-only partner.

4.  Seduce your lover

Walk around naked. Do a sexy workout. Play strip poker. Plan a striptease. Pick out music, set the lighting and mood. Touch and caress yourself. Maintain sensual eye contact, whip your hair around, turn away and bend over,  kneel, use a chair and sit astride or grind up against it, strike a sexy pose, prance and dance, removing your clothes very slowly, sensuously rubbing lotion or body oil. The slow seduction will turn you on as much as you turn on your mate.

5.  Looking at you

Who doesn’t look into the eyes of the person you’re speaking with? This is especially true of the two of you, especially when you’re trying to accomplish something. Give them 100% eye attention, drink her in, especially when they’re looking or talking with you.  When he’s looking at you, soften your eyes to fully ‘receive’ him, allowing him to enter your soul and increase your intimacy.

6.  Tantric

There are specific tantric practices using your eyes to create a deeper synergy. Sit facing your lover, breath in harmony by taking three slow deep breaths maintaining eye contact with each other. Then, exhale feeling your own energy and your lover’s energy. Do this for 10-20 minutes to deepen emotional intimacy. Alternative method is to sit in a comfortable position facing your lover, place your right hand on their heart while they place their right hand over your heart.  Relax and breath in harmony,  taking three slow deep breaths maintaining eye contact with each other and connecting through your heart energy to increase the flow of love between you.

7.  Non-verbal

Be aware of all your non-verbal communication. Besides your facial expression and focus, what does your posture say about you right now? How active are your bigger arm and body movements?

8.   Slower

Speak slower when you are looking into their eyes, because that will reinforce your intentions.


  • Eyes wide open!


  • Get more deeply intimate bit by bit. Try eyes open kissing and during sex. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Remember, how you look to them when you communicate makes more difference to them than you might recognize. Use your eyes to make your sex sizzle and your soul soar.

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