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1.  Grateful 

You can never show someone too much gratitude and appreciation. How grateful are you to your mate? Find out your level of gratitude with just one revealing question which you ask yourself the next time your mate asks: “How are you?” How do you respond? Do you blow them off with some casual and not very true remark? Grunt? Mumble something mostly negative? Or, do you respond with a smile because it’s your loving mate showing concern for you?

2.  Serious 

Are you committed to being a full-time appreciator? If yes, only look for the good they are and do. And, express them often, genuinely….and forever.

3.  Authentic 

Two schools of thought: 1) You can instinctively reply “Thanks” whenever you ordinarily thank your mate for doing something for you – whether they did it the way or when you like; and, 2) Thank them in a more heartfelt focused way – Because there’s something about what they did that you do like and appreciate; therefore, thank them for that. Whatever you do, be authentic– sincere and genuine.

4.  Playful 

Make it a game. See how many positive things you can find in every situation; e.g., instead of dwelling on a hurtful remark, recall how many more good things they’ve said (and done) to you. Good-natured humor can really bring the two of you together–just make sure your tongue-in-cheek humor is uplifting.

5.  Positive 

Spend more time admiring the good in your mate and your relationship. Pay attention to those things you value. Remind yourself of their finer qualities, especially when these qualities aren’t on immediate display. Sometimes finding the “silver lining” is difficult, but it’s usually there.

6.   Express it 

The more you notice the good things in your mate, and the more you express it in spoken words, written words, and deeds the healthier and happier your relationship will be.


  • Rose-colored glasses. Memory for the positive. Willingness to frequently  give sincere compliments and express appreciation.


  • Play “the appreciation game.” Make a game of seeing how many things you can find to appreciate in every situation, good and bad. Pay attention to the things you value about your spouse. Build anticipation ( a great aphrodisiac)  when you start flirting and affirming early in the day, throughout the day.

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