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  1. “You have no idea how much I need to be with you right now.”
  2. “You are so beautiful to me.”
  3. “You are hot, sexy and gorgeous rolled into one.”
  4. “That lingerie looks hot on you!”
  5. “Get out of those clothes right now so I can get my hands on that hot ass of yours!”
  6. “I want you right now!”
  7. “I love the feel of your lips when we kiss, and I want to kiss you all over.”
  8. “I treasure you.”
  9. “I can’t keep my hands off of you.”
  10. “I’ve been thinking about making love to you all day.”
  11. “You taste delicious.”
  12. ” I can’t get enough of you.”
  13. “You take my breath away.”
  14. “Let me pleasure you some more”
  15. “I can’t believe how sexy you look!”
  16. “You smell wonderful”
  17. “What else can I do for you?”
  18. “You are perfect just the way you are.”
  19. “Oh, yeah, that feels so good.”
  20. “That feels amazing.”
  21. “What great muscles you have.”
  22. “I love you ( insert body part) because ( insert something specific).”
  23. “You know how to turn me on.”
  24. “Your body was made for mine.”
  25. “I would marry you all over again.”
  26. “I love you more than I thought possible.”
  27. “I’ll wait for you to come.”
  28. “I love the sound of your voice.
  29. ” I love the way your skin feels.”
  30. “You look pretty when you wake up in the morning.”
  31. ” I thought about you all day at work.”
  32. “I love the way you smell.”
  33. “You’re just so fu–ing sexy!”
  34. “You taste delicious.”
  35. “You make me think dirty thoughts.”
  36. I want to make you feel good.”
  37. “I can’t keep my eyes off you.”
  38. “You’re the best looking woman in the room.”
  39. “Show me how you pleasure yourself.”
  40. “You feel wonderful.”


  • A little imagination and some confidence. Even more, memorize Twoology’s lists because these are some of the most proven sexy things to say to your woman.


  • Women respond very strongly to verbal connection so do it often. Turn her on with sexy but meaningful compliments. These sexy things to say will be heard as long as you keep saying (and meaning) them.

By Twoology

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