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You can say I love you in many ways. Of course you can call, handwrite or type any kind of message to each other, but sometimes it’s far more fun, sexy, enticing (or, even necessary) to communicate in a special code known best (or, only) by the two of you. What you read below is just a start, because it’s inevitable you’ve already got some terrific private sayings which are ripe for lots more sharing…..

1.   143 – I Love You (1 letter, 4 letters, 3 letters)

2.   1432 – I Love You, Too

3.   459 – I Love You (ILY in phone keypad numbers)

4.   831 – I Love You (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)

5.   **// – wink wink, nudge nudge

6.   88 – hugs & kisses in Ham radio or Morse Code

7.   <3 – heart

8.   <3U – Love You

9.   3 Taps on Shoulder – I Love You

10.  3 Taps on Thigh – Let’s Make Love

11.  AML – All My Love

12.  BFF – Best Friend Forever

13.  BHG – Big-Hearted Guy (or Girl)

14.  FYEO – For Your Eyes Only

15.  GBH – Great Big Hug

16.  GBK – Great Big Kiss

17.  GMILY – Good Morning, I Love You

18.  H & K – Hugs and Kisses

19.  H2S – Here to Stay

20.  ILU – I Love You

21.  ILY – I Love You

22.  I Love You in Sign Language –

23.  JTOU – Just Thinking of You

24.  LHK – Love, Hugs, Kisses

25.  LUMUMI – Love You, Miss You, Mean It

26.  OOO – O’s stand for hugs

27.  Pink Roses – Symbolize friendship

28.  Red Roses – Symbolize love and passion

29.  SWAK – Sealed With A Kiss

30.  White Roses – Symbolize Purity

31.  XXX – X’s stand for kisses—and sometimes for X-rated!

32.  Yellow Roses – symbolize respect

33.  H.O.L.L.A.N.D – Hope our love lasts and never dies

34.  I.M.U.S – I miss you sweetheart

35.  Y.A.M.A.H.A – You are my angel happy anniversary

36.  I.T.A.L.Y. – I trust and love you


  • Ways to say I love you include using:  your cell phone, keyboard, pen and paper, roses, chocolate sauce, lipstick, shaving cream, SnapChat, and all kinds of mobile chat apps


  • Ways to say I love you include developing your own private codes for:  “I love you;” Leave “I Love You” messages in unusual places—in the steam on the bathroom mirror, in the snow or sand, in icing on baked goods; trace letters into each other’s palms or on each other’s backs.
  • You and your partner both want and need to hear those three words, “I love you.” But it’s also fun to freshen things up by signaling, texting, tapping or otherwise getting the romantic message across in a more playful, private way. If your “I love you’s” are starting to feel rote, stale, or uninspired, throw all 36 of these, or even a few of these unusual ways to say I Love You in secret code and light your partner up!


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