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How true for you?

A recent study by UK divorce law firm Slater & Gordon asked two thousand people how they felt in their marriage. The good news is that most married people consider themselves either happily or very happily married. However, over 20% (one out of every five couples), ranked themselves as unhappily married. That’s not a good thing, as they and their families have been suffering for sometime. Unfortunately, many of these unhappy spouses do not want their potential reasons for divorce to cause them to go their separate ways.

Something—whether it’s fears, guilt, religion, money or some voodoo grip — holds them together, or at least holds them back from separating. That’s fascinating. The Slater & Gordon study of “unhappily marrieds” listed the top 10 reasons that couples stay together long after the love has languished. Here’s their list.

  1. Not enough courage to leave
  2. Fears of later regrets
  3. Hope that things will improve some day
  4. Concerns about the impact a separation with have on their kids (most often a men’s issue)
  5. Fears about how to sustain the finances on her own (mostl often a women’s issue)
  6. Not wanting to have to give up the family house
  7. Feeling too old to walk away and start a new relationship
  8.  Guilt about leaving
  9.  Living alone looks scary
  10.  Worries about loneliness.

At the same time, here’s the good news about an unhappy marriage.

  • Just one person can do quite a bit to make an unhappy marriage better.  (It’s not necessarily good that both partners aren’t equally committed to doing whatever it takes, but one person can make a difference…..)

What’s the reason #11 why unhappy couples stay together:  Neither one knows where they can get expert relationship guidance to help their unique relationship.

Fortunately, the good news is that you can get pretty much everything you need (and, for free) at

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