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1. Outdoors

Spend the night outdoors together, whether it be camping or just relaxing in your backyard under the stars. The key here is to unplug for a while and just enjoy each other’s company.

2. Touch

Hold hands while driving in the car, walking together, at a party, in the movies, during prayer, dining. Sit close with your shoulders touching whenever possible. PDA’s–public displays of affection go a long way to show your mate and everyone around you how much you care for them. A gentle touch, pulling them in for a kiss or hug, saying something that boosts them up will touch their heart.

3. Cater to them

When they’re tired, take care of the meals. Cook their favorite meal, especially if you’re not known to cook on a regular basis. Use candles, their favorite beverage and play their favorite music. And, how about a post-dinner back, neck or foot rub?

4. Chores

Offer acts of kindness. When your partner’s out of the house, do all their chores (if you’re not so inclined, hire someone to clean). Or, suggest they take some personal time– me time– and take care of the kids, chores, schlepping, etc. This is particularly effective if your mate’s had a hard week at work or has been putting in an extra amount of effort lately.

5. Gifts

Give a gift for no reason. The card can read: “Just because I love you.” These gifts can be as small as a candy bar, flowers sent to work, giving them a neck rub, a note on the mirror, gift card to their favorite coffee or tea house. The important thing to remember is to surprise them with something unexpected on a more frequent basis.

6. Love song

Write a love song, a poem, or even a short story. Then, sit them down for their own personal concert (or, reading) and deliver your performance. (True, you might not have the greatest voice, but what will matter most to your mate is that you care enough to have written it for them!

7. Smell good

Wear their favorite cologne or perfume for the day, and tell them it’s because it will remind you of them alllllll day.

8. Love notes

Text your love, put it on your Facebook wall, twitter about it. Slip little love notes into your partner’s briefcase, lunch box or valise; you can also leave your love notes around the house, in the car, in their desk for them to discover (and, what a lovely find they will be)!

9. Love box

Find a small box and decorate it anyway you please. On the outside, write: “50 of the many reasons why I love you”; or, “Love Box”. Now, for the fun part: Write 50 things you love about your partner and then cut them up so they’re on 50 different strips of paper. Fold, and place inside your box.

10. Romantic photos

Take candid pics. They can be flirty, sexy, happy images of you alone, of your lover,  of the two of you enjoying each other. Create a digital album with comments and you can make it into a coffee table album, post it on Facebook for everyone to see,  start a romantic blog for your mate with these pics and posts about your relationship.


  • Different inexpensive things for different actions–paper, pen, box, lipstick, love muscle, caring hands and heart.


  • Make the little things count by doing these simple inexpensive gestures showing your love frequently.

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